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Genre “JTR” Streams

RBPI2 80-00 Classics
On Air: Men At Work - Down Under

Classics from 80's to 00's

RBPI2 Hard Rock
On Air: Whitesnake - Here I Go Again

Classics of Hard Rock

RBPI2 60-70 Classics
On Air: Atomic Rooster - Tomorrow Night

Classics from 60's and 70's

RBPI2 Soundtrack
On Air: Elmer Bernstein - The Bridge At Remagen


RBPI2 Lounge
On Air: De-Phazz - Dancing With My Hands


RBPI2 Soul Classics
On Air: Kool & The Gang - Brown

Soul Classics

RBPI2 Disco Party
On Air: Kool & The Gang - Ladies Night

Disco Party

RBPI2 Progressive Rock
On Air: Marillion - Slainte Mhath

Progressive Rock

RBPI2 Classical
On Air: Dvorak - Symphony n.9 - 1 Adagio - AlleDvorak