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Genre “Deephouse” Streams

MABU Beatz Deephouse
On Air: by Andy Baar - WBRS 3

The Spirit of electronic music

DJ.Moments Radio2
On Air: by Alana Ley - LaTerrazaEnCasa

The Spirit of electronic music

Sentin L
On Air: Beatinspector - Hemp Solo Vol.1.

Method: This station plays music mixes in shuffle play. Listed genres, contributing DJs from all around the World. This station plays informative audio pieces in every 30 minutes. This station plays Sation ID, Station Info in every 15 minutes. Genres: Chill Downtempo Reggae Dub Trip-Hop Instrumental Beats Deep House Dubtechno Spoken Word, Micro-Podcasts, Fresh & Repurposed Informative Audio