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Another Music Project
On Air: autechre - eggshell

Being run by .kri tik, sound designer and musician who produces and broadcasts classic IDM with a little bit of pure electronic ambient music. Playlist attentively selected from variety of IDM tracks found all over the world and time continuum, including works of famous IDM producers as well as ones who deserve to be heard, but still unknown.

Systrum Sistum - SSR2
On Air: Sound Fondue Interlude 5

Radio Electronica

MNS FM - WebRadio From São Paulo/Brasil
On Air: Anima - Convalescence I: Walk Again [R7H]

Postrock, Shoegaze, IDM, Ambient

Anima Amoris [IDM] 160 MP3
On Air: Proem - Hold You Like I Hold A Job *

Glitch Break Core Techno Electro Abstract Experimental Electronic

On Air: Bleep × Lone - 15th November 2018

24/7 online radio featuring IDM, Ambient, and Trip Hop DJ mixes from the past and present

[I D M]
On Air: Lombre - Far From Being - Simulations 1.0

IDM, Glitch