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Genre “synthwave” Streams

Synthetic FM - The radio for the Synth lovers
On Air: Miami Nights 1984 - Ocean Drive

MinimalWave, Synthwave, Dark Wave, Cold Wave, Minimal Synth, EBM, Electro, Vocoder

RetroWave One Radio
On Air: Baltimora - Chinese Restaurant

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The '80s Guy - Darksynth Radio
On Air: Cyberwalker - Chrome Paradise - 24/7 dark synthwave live mix with heavy industrial, cyberpunk, EBM and dark techno influences. For fans of Doom, Hotline Miami, Furi and Mother Russia Bleeds. Perfect for halloween, gaming, dark clubbing, working out, programming.

ChillSynth FM
On Air: ADMO - Aftershock

24/7 chillsynth live mix to relax to.

Dispersion Wave
On Air: British Sea Power - Detective Arriving on the scene

The Dispersion Wave is a post-punk, electronic mashup created during the pandemic. A haunted waiting room of sorts. Laid back listening for working, dancing, day-dreaming or smashing stuff. Varies through out the day or mood. Ad-free, unrated, listener sponsored. View our website for related interactive artwork.