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GothVille Radio
On Air: Ghosting - Flanders

Dark music for people dressed in black! We bring you old school Punk and Dark Wave, Gothic, Industrial and EBM. Also, Synthpop, Futurepop, Dark Ambient, Neo Folk and Dark Folk will have their time slots at GothVille Radio.

Iceradio Germany
On Air: Distain! - Like the Tides

Iceradio Germany - der Internet Radiosender fuer olle Gruftis, EBMmer, NeonCybys, Emos, Punks, und jedes andere Getier der schwarzen Szene.

EBSM - Electro Body Synth Music
On Air: Moore & Mysterio - Guerrilla

24/7 dark clubbing live mix with heavy industrial, cyberpunk, EBM and dark synthwave influences.

On Air: Laibach - Hell:Symmetry

Internet Radio as dark as your soul.

Lord Lloigor`s Stream
On Air: Vassago III - Brain Blaster

Tribute to Lord Lloigor

On Air:

Internet Radio as dark as your soul.