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Vintage Obscura Radio
On Air: 'Zaïdi El Batni - Ehbibi Ya Khouya [France/Algeria - Balearic Ambient, Psych Fusion] (80s) Soulful rai by this Lyonnais/Algerian singer, known for his hymn "Malik Yo Malik", a song about the death of Algerian student Malik Oussekine, who died in french police custody, after beeing arrested for'

Nearly 70,000 music-obsessed researchers scour the internet daily to uncover nearly forgotten music of every genre at All tracks are older than 25 years, and have fewer than 30k views on YouTube, Vintage Obscura Radio plays the best of the tracks posted on the reddit sub.

Yumi Co. Radio
On Air: Direct stream link will change soon! Please update now to

24/7 Future funk, city pop, anime groove, electro, vaporwave, etc... webradio !