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Vintage Obscura Radio
On Air: 'Warfield Spillers - Daddy\'s Little Girl [USA?, Lo-fi Soul, drum machine] (1988) Their only release, no real information out there on this group. Emotional lyrics'

Nearly 70,000 music-obsessed researchers scour the internet daily to uncover nearly forgotten music of every genre at All tracks are older than 25 years, and have fewer than 30k views on YouTube, Vintage Obscura Radio plays the best of the tracks posted on the reddit sub.

BigNoise - music from Siberia
On Air: Молока Стакан - Куда всё катится

24/7 Non-stop russian music from Siberia

Radio Arcane
On Air: Supernova 1006 - Dope

Atlantide internet radio station
On Air: Chamber - A Dead Man's Song (2003)

RuinNation Arts Radio
On Air: ULTRA SUNN - The Speed

Just what we like to listen to while plotting and scheming :)