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Genre “experimental” Streams

On Air: net_activity - Server-sonification

Ogg/Vorbis streamed from PureData with oggcast~

On Air: Pd and oggcast~ v0.2 - TIMECODE

Ogg/Vorbis streamed from PureData with oggcast~

Lord Lloigor`s Stream
On Air: Lord Lloigor - Cataclysm

Tribute to Lord Lloigor

netpd radio
On Air: 2014-05-20_nulove.mp3

recorded netpd-sessions played in shuffle-mode

1996 Couleur 3 (Tape Archive)
On Air: 008_H_1996-09-22_DreamSequence.mp3

Many tape recordings from the musically interesting year of 1996

Radio Fiat+⁄-Lux – Québec planétaire
On Air: The Beatles - While My Guitar Gently Weeps

La première chaîne de Radio Fiat+⁄-Lux, diffusée en direct de la ville de Québec depuis 2008.