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echte piratenhits
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Echte piratenhits.Van polka tot nederlandstalig. Elke dag

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On Air: John Mayer - Shadow Days

RadioGeniaal is een 24/7 internet radiostation dat bestierd wordt door een stel knotsgekke vrijwilligers.

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On Air: The Mockingbirds - Lovingly Yours -1966

This 24/7 radio intends to pay tribute to many singers and groups that have faded away (or almost) into "oblivion" but that contributed to the big changes experienced in the rock, folk, soul and blues scene around the period 1965-1975, probably the most influential decade in the evolution of popular music towards the modern styles and genres of today.

On Air: Labdarózsa Népdalkör - Karácsonyi dalok

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