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we luv music

On Air: Dunsin Oyekan - Fragrance To Fire

Unspecified description

LifeTrain Jazz
On Air: ?? SMOOTH JAZZ COMPILATION (4 hours NON - STOP) ?? (

LifeTrain Jazz

Hot Traxx
On Air: Nasfeathitboy - Ultrablack

Playing the best urban traxx!

Big Urban Soundz
On Air: Pacman Stackz - Misunderstood [PvF]

Urban music of the 2000s

Rap Kingz
On Air: Khaliddisclosure - Knowyourworth

The Kingz of rap!!

Power 108.1
On Air: Sidney Breedlove - Pockets Full Of Guap

The best of today's urban hits!

Street Hitz
On Air: Migosfeattravisscottandyoungthug - Givenofxk - Superclean2

Plays all the street hitz!

2HI Radio
On Air: jim2906